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Pasvik Adventure - travel in the outskirts of the Siberian Taiga

101 - Riverboat excursion from Nordmo Gård to Harefoss and Skoltefoss

This is a memorable trip through the very newest part of Norway. The trip starts at Nordmo Gård and goes down to Skoltefoss. This is the place where the Russian Power Supply copany by Boris Gleb put a stop for the trip. If we are lucky we may be able to meet with the Norwegian Border Patrol that is watching our borders.

On the way there we will be travelling across the border over to the Russian side - legally of course, and no Visa is required. At Harefoss we will break for an authentic local meal.

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Price for this trip is NOK 1000,- per adult ( more than 10 persons). Children 12 year and under is NOK 600,- .

For group between 4 to 10 adults, the price is NOK 1100,- Children 12 year and under is NOK 650,-.

From 1 - 3 persons the price is  NOK 4400,- for the trip.

Price includes dinner and dessert.

Transport from Kirkenes and return is NOK 200,- per person. (For 1 - 3 persons the transport is NOK 600,- for you all together.) 

Please allow at least 5 hours for this trip.

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